Open Cups

Grabease created a cup that offers 3 options of use, as we never know what will suit our little one best. Some do great with a straw, while others prefer sippy cups. The grabease cup set helps baby transition from one stage to another.

We consulted with OTs and feeding specialists to come up with the perfect cup with toddlers’ perspectives in mind. For example, one feature is the clear, colourless cup – when your little one is able to see the liquid in the cup, visual feedback helps them understand that the liquid is pouring into their mouth as they tilt their cup.

The Importance of ‘open cup’ use for babies

Helps transition to straws and other cups

Teaches kids to close lips fully

Promotes small sips and swallows

Encourages proper facial muscle development

Helps develop important oral motor skills

Reduces tooth decay

Promotes independence

Wash cup thoroughly before use. For best results, clean often.

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Showing all 2 results